Sustainable coffee as a family value
Sustainable coffee as a family value
Today they are known as one of Sweden’s most responsible and respectful companies when it comes to sustainability.

Löfbergs’ journey began in 1906 and they are now one of the world’s largest importers of organic and Fair Trade stamped coffee. This is something they are quite proud of.

We met the CEO of Löfbergs, Lars Appelqvist, right before the grand opening of their flagship store on Kungsgatan, Stockholm. He has since 2008 been operating the company started by the brothers Anders, John and Josef Löfberg over 100 years ago.

A long term vision is central to Löfbergs, where the driving force has been to create value for coming generations.

“It starts in the boardroom” Lars tells us with regards to their sustainability work.

He continues explaining about his belief that the owners, board, and management team must all agree on the corporate responsibility work, otherwise it is impossible to get the rest of the organization onboard and aligned.

“Profit is the base for everything. That’s the ticket to continue to do good things and demonstrate that business sector can meet its potential as a positive force of change.”

Talking about profits, some people think that working with sustainability involve high costs that should be avoided as long as the organization follows the industry and legal requirements. Lars claims that it could be the other way around if you decide to take charge and proactively drive sustainable business and integrate long-term value generation into the soul of the company. It is about seeing it as an investment rather than a cost. ”It often drives costs out of the system when you work with these things systematically,” he concludes.

How genuine and systematic are you?