Our vision for a more conscious era of business
Our vision for a more conscious era of business
Some think that the only responsibility a business has is to maximize shareholder returns.

We bet that these people will fail big in the coming years. We think, like Whole Foods founder John Mackey, that business can be a force of good for all stakeholders – including our planet; mother earth. You can’t do business on a dead planet.

Together with our partners in quest we will make sure to inspire others to follow suit and become the leaders of a business world that simply…feels right and do more good.

Näringsliv is for some the most beautiful word in the Swedish language. Where in English we just call it “business”, näringsliv means quite literally “nurturing life” — a role we envision businesses to play in our world. Nurturing life means making no compromise in our quest for quality and positive impact of our work.

David Jones writes

in his book ‘who cares wins’ that there have been three recent ages of responsible business. The first one, 1990-2000, he calls “The Age of Image”. During this period businesses didn’t aim to actually be sustainable but merely made sure they appeared to — only to get more customers. After that, 2000-2010, some companies strived to become the real deal. For some reason they wanted to be authentic and do their very best to make the world a better place. They were few though. From 2010 up until today Jones describes as “The Age of Damage”, where businesses without a genuine desire to become sustainable will struggle.

We welcome this development and actively partner up with companies that are best in class when it comes to conscious business; both those that are leading the way today and those with a genuine and well-grounded ambition to do so in coming years. We will go the extra mile to help these companies succeed. Our role is not tell these companies what to do; they have extensive knowledge and experience. But our fast-changing, complex, and multi-faceted world continuously calls for new insights, perspectives and innovations. Best practice is no longer enough.Our role is therefore to be the positive force linking and amplifying these companies and their ideas and to become the trusted partner and catalyst on this journey. Together we collaborate, cross-pollinate, and innovate on a joint quest to discover new ways to make even better products and services. We create business models that will generate meaningful results — purpose and profit — over and over again. Together we set off on a mission to grow market share for the entire conscious business market. This has to be the way to go.John Makey of Whole Foods gets it: Business and capitalism can and should be a genuine force for good. Time will tell that we are right.

See the video clip below to hear more about John Mackey on Conscious Capitalism.