Oren Lyons on the future of business and our planet
Oren Lyons on the future of business and our planet
As one of the few Native American leaders who did not sell out to international casinos taking over big parts of Native America, Oren Lyons is setting an example for how leaders of tomorrow need to act.

Oren and his fellow indians visited Sweden in november 2015 to celebrate their commitment to the innovative organization Plantagon which is taking agriculture, architecture, and technology to a whole new level. The Onondaga Nation, which Oren Lyons is the “faith keeper” for, is investing in Plantagon to show that the world needs new inspiring examples of how business can be a force for good.

Chief Oren is very concerned with the state of the world today. He recalls a meeting they held in Japan that consisted of four words only: “value change for survival”, meaning that everything starts with our values and if we don’t change them we won’t survive. In 1950 we were 2.5 billion in the world. 65 years later we are now about 7 billion, growing rapidly. Anyone who don’t understand the impact and consequences of this are asleep.

The situation is murky to say the least and the lack of leadership is not a national problem but a global one. Is there a solution to all this?“Moderation”, Oren says and continues to bring up the huge differences between the “haves” and “have nots” around the world. He points out that we all need to start living more within our means. Today, in the US where he lives, about 1% of the people have more than 80% of the wealth. This means that 99% of the population live on less than 20%, which is a perfect proof how much injustice there is in the world is today. There cannot be any peace if this stays Oren says.

Nevertheless, he is fairly optimistic about the future and glad that the global leaders will soon meet in Paris to agree on important goals for the coming 15 years. Although a lot more can and should be done from the world of business and politics, our world has plenty of good leaders and the last thing we should take from our people is: hope.