Meet Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus
Meet Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus
When he first started, Muhammad Yunus wanted to help just one other person. Forty years later and his bank now has over 8 million borrowers. And Yunus has a Nobel Prize.

We met with Muhammad who began his life’s work with one simple thought: Can I make myself useful and actually help someone else? Just one is enough, he thought. But it became many more.

This thought led to the creation of The Grameen Bank, world renowned for microloans that have help millions of poor take themselves out of poverty and maintain their livelihood. Today the bank has over 8 million borrowers and entrepreneurs the world over, of which 97 percent are women.

Yunus, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, is a large proponent and catalyst for what he calls “social business,” where the driving force and point of departure lies not in making money but rather in solving societal problems

“You’re either in The Problem Solving Business or in The Money Making Business” according to Yunus, while he does point out that these two ideologies aren’t mutually exclusive.

Listen to the video clip below to hear Yunus’ thoughts on the matter and his ambitions to — with help of the younger generation and contemporary technology — eradicate poverty.