Local farming in the cities
Local farming in the cities
We put the power into the hands of institutions and individuals who have a need for fresh, healthy, local produce 365 days a year.

The world’s food production is the largest reason why our planet is in such a bad state as it is today. In the newly released book Big World Small Planet (by Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum) we get in-depth information about how our planet feels right now and some important advise on how we can change the way we live and get back to a life within the planetary boundaries. The business world plays a huge role in this transformation.

The authors came up with ten important messages and one of them is about releasing the power of innovation to create a world our future generations can thrive in. This American company is a perfect example of how entrepreneurs can come up with ideas and solutions that produces better quality food in terms of taste and, at the same time, creates less harm on the environment (less waste, less greenhouse gases etc.). A true win-win solution the world needs more.

Boston-based Freight Farms is redefining the local food movement by empowering people to grow food anywhere. Using innovative farms housed in 40-foot shipping containers equipped with vertical hydroponics, LED lighting, and climate controls that interface with a smartphone app, the company is providing an opportunity to grow fresh food year-round in any geographic location (or anywhere that has enough room for a shipping container).

Founded in 2010, the company has experienced tremendous growth. The two co-founders, Jon Friedman and Brad McNamara, began experimenting with a beat-up shipping container next to a dumpster and recently opened a new headquarters and training center in South Boston. To date, the company has deployed over two dozen farms in seven states and two countries and recently received a sizable investment from Spark Capital (the same folks behind Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare) to help scale the concept. (source: Conscious Magazine).

Watch to the video clip below to see more about how Freight Farms is changing the world for the better.