Our story...

We first met, by accident, over a beer in California in the spring of 2011. We had both left well-paid corporate jobs with a shared curiosity to find new ways to create value in the world of business in a more conscious and meaningful way. To do something that we could be proud of and that would take greater responsibility and bring more positive energy and impact to people and our planet. "Why can't more companies be a true source of inspiration and produce awesome products with the highest level of quality, service and integrity?" "What if we could move the world of business so that the companies who did the most good also made the most money and had the most influence?", were some of the questions we pondered on during our first sobering talks in California...

We decided to pull our heads and hearts together to do something about this. We joined forces back in Stockholm to serve, catalyze, and cross-fertilize several companies rather than serving a sole employer. The first major project we did was writing a book that, in all its simplicity, was surprisingly appreciated by our readers and backers. Interviewing and writing the book was a struggle and a joy; a real roller coaster for us and for many of the people we featured and co-created the book with. In the end, the relationships created and insights gained (eg. that life is short, our planet is fragile, and business can and should be a force for good) were invaluable for us. It lead us to the creation of Coest - our platform for enabling the most conscious and high-quality companies to succeed while making our world a more meaningful and fun place to be.

Idealists for sure we are, as master Yoda would say. But also pragmatic catalysts and entrepreneurs with a conviction that doing well is a result of doing good. To add good to the world should be the business of all businesses. We can and will make a difference so that our kids and their kids can experience even better things than we got to do in our lifetime. We want to create a business world that nurture life, just as the Swedish name for business – Näringsliv - propose. We surely don't have the answers of how to do all this but we know we can make great things happen if we use the collective wisdom around us. So that's what we will do. And we’ll surely enjoy the ride! Hope to see you out there!

Ola Jönsson & Carl-Johan Björklund
Coest Co-founders

“What if we could move the world of business so that the companies who did the most good also made the most money and had the most influence?”