Our mindset...

We are catalysts and amplifiers. Together with our partners – business leaders, industry experts, great thinkers, innovators and revolutionaries across all industries – we build a strong conscious community. A platform of people and businesses you want to connect with, be inspired by, reflect with, be appreciated and challenged by, and, most of all, take action and drive progress with. Together we seek out, explore, innovate and co-create multitudes of purpose and profit in order to move the world in a positive and conscious direction.

Collectively we are part of the movement that will drive the business world into the future; take on the challenges we face in the world, see them as opportunities and create conscious products, services, solutions, and business models that we can be deeply proud of.

In an inspiring, complex, ever-evolving economy, certain core principles have surfaced and serve as guideposts for how we act.

How do we contribute?

We invest our time and co-create meaningful results by being “interpreneurs”; driving conscious  business development in the space between ambitious leaders, companies, and fields of expertise.

Overall, we focus on three things:

- We support business leaders and management teams, as external conscious business developers, challengers, and advisors, on their journey to generate healthy profitability by exploring and leveraging the company’s higher purpose. We also innovate, establish partnerships, and help create and distribute the most conscious products and services.

- We invest capital and other resources into ideas and business ventures that are creating products, services, solutions, and business models that contribute to a better, smarter, and more conscious world.

- We build and genuinely care for our growing conscious business community of selected world class leaders, experts, innovators, and companies. We invite them to arenas where they share knowledge, co-create, and collaborate towards the best conscious products, services, solutions, and business models.

In this work there are three principles or "mindsets" that guide us:


Through connection, engagement and trust, we build relations and partnerships that drive joint business development.


By cross-fertilizing some of the most brilliant businesses and minds, we explore and create innovative solutions for today and tomorrow.

conscious action

With resilient focus, we take authentic stuff forward to create a business world where purpose and profit fuel each other inseparably.

So how do collaboration, co-creation, and conscious action look in practice?

"Imagine a world where the most profitable companies were the ones that had had the most positive impact on the planet. Where the more you gave back, the more you made. Not only would it be a great place to live, it´s actually the world I believe we can create."
- David Jones, investor and business leader

First of all, at Coest we work with and amplify the best, the rockstars, and the ambitious thinkers and doers in the world of conscious business. Time is too precious to spend our energy to convince, push and drag people and organizations along. There is a huge need for those people and organizations to change too. But our sweet spot and hunger is to build actual examples of what can be done within conscious business and inspire the rest of the world to get their asses off the chairs and start creating astoundingly good stuff. Hence our focus on the rebels and first movers. Second, we only work with curious, meaning- and results-oriented, successful, and (at least somewhat:)) humble people and organizations who realize that opportunities and challenges are best explored through collaboration, co-creation and conscious implementation. Third, everything we do is built on genuine trust. This is crucial for everybody but especially for us at Coest. We do our business in the space between people and organizations, and where there is trust and diversity, magic things can happen. So what does the stuff we do look like?

As business developers, innovators, catalysts, and investors we create concepts and drive co-creative projects and intitiatives such as:

Challenge & Boost; “Hack my X”

Our partner companies often invite us to listen to their plans for the future (from strategies to specific ideas) and we come in with our expertise along with a selected group of people (business executives, millennials, experts, professors etc.) from our conscious business community. Together we form a fictive leadership team, a co-creative think tank, and spend time challenging and boosting (“hacking”) their plan/strategy/idea while the actual leadership team listen carefully, reflect, and eventually craft their plan for action.

Business development

Many of our wise partners realize that they can’t conquer the world on their own, and turn to us to connect and liaise with the top tier players in the field of conscious business. For instance, one of our partners decided to create a strategy and roadmap for their B2B setup; to work closer with key partners, have well established processes for all client groups and increase their conscious business by 10x around the world. We support this whole project that will last for years.

Eco-System development

We do many things to make the overall conscious business scene in Scandinavia to grow by working and supporting other institutions (both local and global) that share our hunger to drive a more conscious business world such as Veckans Affärer, Eat Foundation, Fryshuset, Stockholm School of Economics/MISUM, and other international business communities and platforms.

Purpose & Strategy quest

We often support our partners with their strategy work, e.g. by discovering their purpose and strategy. As trusted advisers, we co-create and give external input, but also follow and guide the executives as sounding boards and catalysts to help the company realize the strategic plan and infuse the company purpose in the DNA of the organization. When needed experts from other sectors are brought in with their valuable perspectives in this co-creative and dynamic process.

Strategic events

Dialogue design & facilitation is an art. Most companies bring together their key stakeholders (internally and externally) on a regular basis and we help them get the most out of these gatherings. We look at overall purpose and design; the process, the participants, the outcomes etc. And, most importantly, we find ways to get people to actually speak open and honestly, from their hearts, around things that are genuinely important to them and their organizations.

Internal culture Development

We love guiding and nudging companies in their culture mobilization and internal collaboration work. One partner decided to take their purpose-driven business even further and ramp up the pride and engagement among all employees. We co-created the design for this entire process and build the internal core team. 15 months later, the culture is flourishing and we are there for them as sounding boards and catalysts when needed.

Co-Innovation & learning clusters; “CoLABs”

We often spot common challenges and/or opportunities among our partner companies. When the challenge or opportunity is ripe, we dive in and target the issue, invite key people from each business (across sectors) and other experts to join us for innovative CoLABs where we explore this common theme and co-create ideas and innovative solutions. Often leading to new partnerships, even new companies.

Investments in conscious businesses

Companies sometimes need external capital to take the next step and unleash their current business or grand new idea. We have expertise and a huge network and are often asked to come in as board members and/or co-investors, where we invest our own capital and/or other people’s & company’s money so that we together can unleash more conscious businesses here in Scandinavia and around the world!

Executive  Councils

Some of the executives in our community come together on a regular basis (typically 6 times per year) to share experiences and support each other on our common and never ending quest for meaningful results.

Executive coaching

With an exclusive group of executives we design custom made programs where we meet on regular basis and help them explore and drive the most important aspects of their professional (and sometimes personal) lives forward.

Corporate development/ governance

Whether it’s a startup or a company that’s been around for decades or even centuries, we often help our clients think about corporate structure and governance. We serve as their external partner and trusted adviser as to how they can invest wisely today and for generations to come.

These are some of the things we are involved in. Some say that they see us as a hybrid between a network with amazing conscious businesses and an innovation/progress machine. No matter what the exact definition may be, the main thing we are after is for conscious companies and people to win big in the world of business. The ways for getting there are explored and refined continuously in our ever changing beautiful world.

“You are lost the moment you know what the result will be.”
– Juan Gris