What we stand for...

Näringsliv is for some the most beautiful word in the Swedish language. Where in English we simply call it “business”, näringsliv quite literally means “nurturing life” — a role we envision businesses playing in our world. Business is, and can be an even greater source for advancing our world in monumental ways.

Together with our allies of conscious business leaders and experts, we challenge the world of business to focus on creating ideas and solutions worthy of the human spirit. We serve as “interpreneurs” to enable truly great things to come alive at the intersection between people, businesses, disciplines, and cultures.

Michael Pirron, conscious business entrepreneur, puts it well, “For conscious companies, growth is different by definition. They don´t grow only for profit but for purpose. They scale not only for greater bottom line but for greater impact. For conscious leaders, growth is transformed from an operational imperative into an expression of organizational integrity. When they grow, their actions match their intentions and their values become the vehicles for the work. No more sacrificing well-being for wealth or selling out to scale up. This is growth from the inside out. The key to growing consciously is committing to internal growth - through personal development and cultivating group wisdom - as much as commit to external growth - scaling their profits, reach, and impact. When we expand our mindsets and “heart-sets” alongside our bottom lines and distribution channels, we open ourselves to creative business structures and solutions that defy the rules of business as usual.”

The dream that drives us into the future

The principles and beliefs that we never compromise on

Our purpose at Coest is to liberate human potential and recreate a business world filled with conscious companies that radiate positive energy, and create products, services and solutions with a lasting positive impact in our lives and for our planet.

Our dream is a world where people and businesses with integrity and a genuine desire to do well by doing good have the most influence, impact, and success.

It´s common to assume that a company’s purpose is synonymous with short-term profit and to maximize shareholder returns. We have always felt this is fundamental wrong. Instead, we firmly believe that profitability has to come from business models built on a deeper purpose. Companies shouldn’t exist if they don’t make our world a better and more exciting place to live in. Purpose is the reason for being and profit the fuel that enables us all to keep working on our purpose, to expand it, and to be the very best we can be.

We won’t compromise on our quest to co-create a more conscious and inspiring world. That is why we intentionally work with leaders and businesses that are at the top tier, or those with a genuine and ambitious desire to reach this point. This is our community.